Iranian water-sweetener system produces water, power simultaneously

Iranian researchers have managed to produce water and electricity simultaneously in water-sweetening systems. Nazila Emam-Doust, M.Sc. student of New Energies, and director of the project said the feasibility project includes use of thermal energy of steam engine of combined cycle power plant in order to run a water-sweetening system.
The system includes phases of evaporation and computer modeling, and is designed with less than five percent error thermodynamically comparing to a water-sweetening tool being used in Abbas Port and Rasht combined cycle power plant.

The project optimizes energy use, efficiency and lessens environmental pollutants resulted from energy production, she said.

The researcher noted that Iran with dry climate is facing lack of drinking water. Moreover, low thermal efficiency of thermal power plants is one of the main challenges on production of energy resources.

In recent years, Iran has taken wide strides in science and technology, particularly industrial fields.