Iranian Researcher Discovers Particle, Anti-particle

An Iranian scientist Ali Yazdani along with his colleagues at Princeton University have discovered a particle having characteristics of a matter and anti matter.
This discovery has been published in the Journal Science. According to researchers antimatter is extremely rare and to find a particle which has both matter and characteristics of anti-matter is extremely rare.

Italian physicist Ettore Majorana had postulated in 1937 that a particle which he named ‘Majoranafermion,' could become its own antimatter. Scientists have been looking for this mysterious particle since then.

The researchers at the Princeton University have engineered a basic experiment to see an emergent particle which can be found inside a material.

The emergent particle was not so easy to detect and scientists had to erect a two storey tall microscope to capture the glowing image of the new particle.

Physics professor and lead researcher Ali Yazdani said, "This is more exciting and can actually be practically beneficial, because it allows scientists to manipulate exotic particles for potential applications, such as quantum computing".

The experiment involved placing an extended chain made up of pre-magnetic iron atoms on a superconductor composed of lead.

Cooling the material to almost -457 degrees Fahrenheit and then viewed them through a massive scanning tunneling microscope.

Researchers emphasized that during their observation they recognized a key property of Majoranafermion in the electrically neutral signal that was observed at the ends of the iron wires.

The practical application of this discovery will be surely in the offing in future after further research.

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