Although one of the smallest towns of Kerman province, Bardsir is considered as a significant old town. Studies of Harvard university professors shows that people have lived in this land, who made it to invent copper smelting industry for the first time 5000 years ago and performed this operation in Eblis hill. Moreover, from the stand point of dissemination of culture, Bardisr played a major role and raised great men like Shamsodin Mohammad Bardsiri, Mir Mohammad Saeid Mashizi, Mirza Agha Khan Bardsiri,....who are men of science and spirituality. Beside that, hundreds of years ago there has been a library in Bardsir including more than 5000 books. 
Today, Bardsir is known as a promising town due to its good weather and also proper cultural, industrial and production backgrounds. 

Two districts, four towns and six villages.
Population: 89256
Area: 6342 square meters

Tourism Attractions:

Eblis Hill, Bahadorolmolk House, Negar Tower, Old Tower, Jalal Abad Tower, Bahramjerd Tower, Kamal Abad Tower, Lalezar's Olde bath

Industries and Mines: Sweet Factory, Metal Factory, Cheese Factory, Golab Factory, Bard Mineral Water Factory, Marble Mine