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  Iran Unveils New Veterinary Products, Medicines
 Date : 10/26/2014 3:02:04 PM

The products include seven veterinary drugs, a vaccine and a diagnosis kit for veterinary products. The drugs include ceftiofur sodium, penicillin injecting suspension, metoclopramide, probiotics, hexamethylenetetramine, levamisole hydrochloride, combination of mineral acids, FMD vaccine and Para T

  Iran ranks 7th in world in nano-science production
 Date : 10/26/2014 2:59:20 PM

Iran started initial steps in 2000 and could stand 59th in the world publishing 8 articles in Nano-technology, he said, adding the country now ranks first in the Islamic World and the region. Sarkar further noted that last year the country could stand the 8th in the world with 4580 articles, and th

  Iranian Researcher Discovers Particle, Anti-particle
 Date : 10/26/2014 2:57:26 PM

This discovery has been published in the Journal Science. According to researchers antimatter is extremely rare and to find a particle which has both matter and characteristics of anti-matter is extremely rare. Italian physicist Ettore Majorana had postulated in 1937 that a particle which he named

  Largest German University Delegation to Visit Iran
 Date : 9/13/2014 8:10:02 AM

A number of German university professors and students are accompanying the delegation, he said. Amoli also noted that the visit aims at expanding cooperation between universities of the two countries. The two sides would discuss exchange of university professors and students, carrying out mutual r

  Iran builds anti-depressant pills by saffron
 Date : 9/13/2014 8:08:37 AM

"The anti-depressant properties of the drug have been proved in a clinical study," Bijan Malaekeh said. The study has investigated crocin effects on treating depression and anxiety comparing to placebo. "The drug obtained from saffron is the most important anti-oxidant. Much of saffron medical pro

  Iranian water-sweetener system produces water, power simultaneously
 Date : 8/30/2014 9:04:25 AM

The system includes phases of evaporation and computer modeling, and is designed with less than five percent error thermodynamically comparing to a water-sweetening tool being used in Abbas Port and Rasht combined cycle power plant. The project optimizes energy use, efficiency and lessens environme

  Iranian scientists' study: Saffron recovering breast tumor cells
 Date : 8/30/2014 9:02:48 AM

The researchers have investigated crocetin and crocin in saffron to express p53 and p27 genes in breast cancer cells. Saffron is used not only as spice but also it is used for medical purposes and cancers. Crocetin and crocin are important carotenoids of saffron whose anti-tumor and anti-cancer ef

  Iran finds 30 new micro-organisms
 Date : 8/30/2014 9:00:31 AM

"Micro-organisms discovered over last four years belong to diverse groups of bacteria, archaea and yeasts. They can be widely used in biotechnology, foodstuff, medicine, agriculture and environment," said Director of center, Abolhassan Shahzadeh-Fazeli. Finding new types of microorganisms has broug

  Iran designs nano-sensor to measure food colorings in foodstuff
 Date : 8/30/2014 8:57:58 AM

Reza Fadakar, a PhD student in Analysis Chemistry in the university and lead author of the project, said the nano-sensor is made of Carbon ceramic and has been modified by multi-walled Carbon nano-pipes. The modified sensor is of high selection capability and sensitivity comparing to the intended sa

  Iran makes linear accelerator for cancer radiotherapy
 Date : 8/25/2014 12:04:15 PM

"By means of the accelerator, electron beam with high direction is made and has much power for treatment with electron and X-ray," said Head of the company Mehdi Keshmiri, adding that the devices have replaced other methods in many radio-therapy centers. He said the device is fixed and occupies le

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